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If setting up a business is a tough task, believe me expanding it is also a herculean task. With so much competition in every sector, it becomes very important to stay in the market by adopting various tactics. One of the most important things is attracting prospective customers who can help you in taking your business to new heights. These customers can be attracted by promoting your products, business on an ideal platform. And the best way to promote it in this world of technology is through promotional SMS.

Promotional SMS is a message which is sent by a business to the customers and prospects telling them about offers, discounts, and promotions. These promotional campaigns are run to increase the customer base by engaging them in rocket sales. These SMS are for sending sales and marketing messages.


The most important part of promotional SMS is making it intriguing to entice the customers & prospects. Here are some tips for writing a promotional SMS:

  1. First of all, personalize your message according to the target customers. Draft the message taking into account the demographics of your audience like age, occupation, gender, etc.
  2. Professionalism can take you to the zenith of your career. So, maintain professionalism while creating appealing messages. Use language that reflects your brand’s identity & style.
  3. Try to be precise and ensure that the promotional SMS is conveying the desired message easily. Give specific information about the subject matter.
  4. The fewer, the better fare. While writing a promotional SMS, keep it as short as you can and make your point clear.
  5. Even after all these efforts, it won’t be easy to attract the customers, but by including a call to action button you can improve your chances. Infusing a CTA in the message will enable the prospect to take full toll of the offer given by you to him.


Now, if you are well-versed with the above tips & tricks, it’s time to get started. There are various platforms through which can send promotional SMS in bulk. The step-by-step process of almost all the platforms is similar, so here are some basic steps to get started.


first of all you will be required to create an account. So, open a platform and click on register. Provide an email address, phone number, name and a secure password on the registration form. Then thoroughly go through the ‘terms & conditions’ and click on “Sign up”.

Pick a plan:

all these platforms charge some amount for using their services. So after registration, pick a suitable plan keeping in view the number of customers and time duration.

Upload contacts:

Create a mailing list and name it. Then proceed to upload the contacts. You can upload these contacts without providing their email addresses.

Create a campaign (promotional SMS):

You can create it by sending SMS to the customers. Provide the name of the sender and then compose the message, then you can send it to anyone you wish. You can also decide the time when you want your message to be delivered.