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All of us receive a lot of fake & spam messages and we don’t get to know them until we receive the call. But, SMS Sender ID can be known with the help of some platforms. An SMS Sender ID is nothing but the displayed value of the person who sent the message on your phone. SMS Sender ID is used to identify the person who is sending the message to the recipient. If you are in the market world, it represents your company/brand name distinguishing it from a thousand others. Your SMS Sender ID can simply turn a usual SMS message into a very powerful branding tool. So yes, this SMS sender ID plays a vital role in representing your brand to the customers. This helps you in constructing your brand recognition. The best part about an SMS Sender ID is that you can define it as you wish, with some restrictions related to its length and the characters that are to be used.

SMS sender ID not only helps in building brand recognition but also increases the trust of the customer in your brand. So, rather than your customers receiving some messages from an unknown random number, they will be happier to see it from your brand about which they know. It gives an impression to your customer that you have invested in the message and as a result, there is less chance of it being spam or scam. Using an SMS Sender ID is excellent for marketing, as it is a one-way medium of communication. In case, you are using it for marketing purposes, you will have to insert a Mobile number and that too virtual into the message, to give the recipients a choice to “opt-out”.

Criteria for making SMS sending ID:

There are certain criteria to which one has to abide if he/she wants to make an SMS Sender ID and they are:

  1. It must not contain any blank spaces
  2. The first character of it cannot be a “0” (zero)
  3. It must not contain any Greek characters
  4. It must not be like the name of a person
  5. It must not contain any special or punctuated characters, such as !@#$%^?/<>()
  6. It must also not contain any accented characters
  7. Bear in mind that these source addresses are case sensitive
  8. For India, the SMS Sender ID must not contain more than 6 alpha characters however International SMS can have as much as 14 characters.

Important tips related to Sender Identification

  1. The Operators/Network have the final say in approving the name and number of the Sender. It is their discretionary power.
  2. There are some Operators/Networks in the market that do not provide the feature of a Dynamic SMS sender ID i.e. they especially approve each of the Sender IDs before sending a message. The reason behind the implementation of this policy is to counter spam.
  3. In some of the markets, there are domestic restrictions and because of this reason, the Sender ID cannot be altered.
  4. In some other market only particular senders are permitted (i.e. only international numeric or alpha sender) so the senders not in compliance with domestic regulations may be overwritten.