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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are messages which are sent to our customers to pass on information necessary for using their product or service. Let's consider, A message which is sent by a bank to the account holder for his/her available account balance. Though these messages which we send to our customers are not of promotional nature, sometimes it becomes very important to send out alerts or service messages to clients at large. Certainly, it becomes essential to send out important SMS which is of an emergency nature. Thatís when these Transactional SMS comes handy to reach out masses altogether and in an efficient manner. Through Transactional SMS messages you can send informative, authentic, critical data or information. Transactional SMS requires a huge volume of message submission and precise delivery, so we implement it through our very reliable aggregators.

We analyze all the parameters such as our performance, SMS delivery, portals, and client reviews etc. for the best results. We offer transactional SMS services using the latest technologies. Identification and authentication solutions with different levels of security for our customers to choose according to their needs in the most possible efficient manner. The best part about transactional SMS is that these can be sent even to DND numbers. Most importantly, there should not be any kind of promotional data in this SMS. As the quantity of information increasing in this technological age, it becomes very essential to sort and then deliver the right data accordingly to the general public at the right time. Transactional messages are meant for this purpose only. And we will provide our best services possible. Any service provider will always know the importance of transactional SMS as they are a necessity.

We provide informational messages to the public in the most simple, fast and convenient way. We have a dedicated team of experts who assist our customers in the instant delivery of information to the people. We use transactional SMS as and when required, Update our clients about their orders, product launches, discounts, promotions, Notify customers about the account balance and also intimate them about other You can use transaction SMS to invite people also at your events, update guests with travel deals, visa information, flight delays, Utilize transactional messaging service for sending timely notifications Parents and students, Send text alerts for registration details, project development. With our team of experts, we are trying our best to enable the required delivery of information to people as per their needs.

Here are all the facilities that we provide:

  1. We can send these messages to both DND and non-DND numbers.
  2. These messages are delivered at the right time to the right people.
  3. We always inform, reassure and delight our customers with the information they need, when and where they need it with the highly qualitatively and only fundamental content that they require.